How can I view my rewards history?

Want to see all of the rewards that you’ve earned so far? Just log into your account at the top right of the screen on, click the ‘My Rewards’ icon in your account page, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your rewards history!

When will I get early access to sales?

Surprise! At least once a year, Fragrance Family members will get access to special sales on before anybody else. Look out for emails to notify you when we are running these exclusive sale windows.

Will I get a birthday gift every year?

Yes! You will receive a birthday gift every year that you are a Fragrance Family member.

How will I get my birthday gift?

On or around your birthday, we’ll send you an email to let you know your birthday reward is available in your account. You can redeem your birthday gift reward in a Yankee Candle® store or online at (please note that standard shipping fees apply). You must be subscribed to receive our emails in order for us to send you your gift.

Will my birthday gift code expire?

Yes, your birthday gift rewards will expire 30 days after they are issued.

I got an offer for a free candle sample with my order, but I’ve already placed the order. Can I still get the free sample?

We’re sorry. Our Fragrance Lover members may sometimes receive a surprise bonus offer in their online shopping bag for a free sample during checkout, but the sample must be redeemed at the time of order purchase, and cannot be granted afterwards.