Trending: #TrashToTerracotta Upcycling

There’s no need to throw out that empty candle jar when you can recycle it, or even better, upcycle it into a striking and eye-catching piece for your space. Here is a beautiful way to transform a WoodWick® Hourglass Candle jar into an on-trend terracotta-style vase with just a few simple steps.

Autumn Embers Trilogy Truffles


1. Start with an empty WoodWick® vessel. There are many tricks for removing leftover wax from your candle — just pick your favorite safe method.

2. Add a teaspoon of baking powder, baking soda, or sand to 1 cup of water-based acrylic paint.

3. Mix the paint to create the right texture.

4. Paint a thick layer of the mixture onto your empty candle vessel. Make sure to paint some of the inside for an authentic look.

5. Once the paint has dried, add flowers or plants — we recommend dried pampas grass.

6. Share your new décor inspiration with #UpcycleWithWoodWick.