5 Ways Candles Can Brighten Your Wedding Season

Whether you’re getting ready for your own big day or helping someone plan their dream wedding, scented candles can add that just-right touch for a memorable and heartwarming event. Here are our Top 5 Tips for using fragrances to make a wedding just a little extra special! 

1. Bridesmaid Proposals 
Include a candle with your bridesmaid proposal gifts. It’s a beautiful way to say, “I’d love to have you be a part of this day.”  

2. Guest Favors 
Help everyone remember the happy occasion with their own thoughtful memento: a small candle in the fragrance you shared at the wedding tables. 

3. Thank-You Gifts 
Candles are great thank-you gifts for the photographers, caterers, florists, and venue staff who helped make your day magical. 

4. Centerpieces 
Up for a little D.I.Y.? Fill empty candle jars with flower arrangements or living plants to make upcycled table centerpieces that are both sustainable and budget-friendly. 

5. Create Memories 
Candles are perfect for a wedding table, and adding fragrance makes it all the more special. Memories are closely linked to fragrance, so you’ll create a fond connection your guests will treasure. BONUS TIP: place Personalized Candles customized with photos of your guests and a heartfelt message.